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Available in 7 sizes to fit all potters wheels...
It's finally arrived...
NEW SIZE...35cm-13.7/8" BAT Retainer with 9mm BATS for easy of use.


Your BAT retainer and longlasting Marine ply BAT are supplied in suitable packaging for global shipments.

Not sure which size to buy?

See our simple measurement guide below.

  • SIZE 1: 25.5cm (10in)
  • SIZE 2: 27.5cm (10.82in)
  • SIZE 3: 30cm (11.81in)
  • SIZE 4: 30.5cm (12.00in)
  • SIZE 5: 35.5cm (13 7/8in-NOW AVAILABLE)
  • SIZE SP1: 30.2cm (11.89in)
  • SIZE SP2: 31cm (12.20in)

Note: Size SP1 & SP2 are bespoke sizes, please ask for a quote.
Shipping: please note the prices shown at check out are for UK mainland shipping only. Please contact us for overseas prices.


We offer bulk special offers so please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Easiest way to center clay BAT Retainer Kit

BAT Retainer Kit

RRP £76.99 now £62.63

  • 1 x BAT Retrainer
  • 1 x Bat

Experience the revolutionary wonder that is the BAT Retainer, we know it makes a difference.

Simplist way to center clay is using a BAT


SAVE £20

  • 35.5cm (13 7/8in) - £89

Shipping...the postage is relative to the product weight!

Please note the prices shown at check out are for UK mainland shipping only. Please contact us for overseas prices.

Simplist way to center clay is using a BAT

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How to guide on how to measure a potters wheel

How to measure your wheel

It is important to know the size of your wheel.

Measuring your wheel is simple. It must be measured from one edge to the other across the DIAMETER of the wheel, through the centre point, as per the illustration.

Don't forget to write the size down!

Watch the video guide

Simple on/off!

Please use the easy to install and remove guide below to help you fit your BAT Retainer and BAT to your wheel.
- Your wheel has been manufactured to engineering tolerances of two thousands of an inch.
- The retainer ring has been produced to the same tolerances and is a tight fit.
- Please take care when handling to avoid splinters.

Watch Video Guide Download Guide
The best product to centre clay on a potters wheel

Place BATretainer ring on wheel head at an angle pivot on drive stops

How to fit a bat retainer on a potters wheel

Press BATretainer ring firmly down till secure, by running your hands around the edge.

How to centre clay on a potters wheel

Hold BAT above the BATretainer ring and align correctly before pressing down in place.

Device to fit to a potters wheel to centre clay

To remove the BAT, simply use a tool or your fingers to horizontally lift off the wheel.

Customer Feedback
Pat Geenty
Herries Pottery

Why I choose the BAT Retainer...

I am a full time potter and have been using the traditional clay pad method to attach bats to my wheelhead that doesnt have bat pins. This was a time consuming and wasteful process that was a bit hit and miss. I did consider drilling my wheelhead and inserting bat pins but this was a complicated and difficult thing to do.

Hence when I saw your batretainer I thought I would give it a try and am pleased to say its brilliant. The retainer fits tightly to the wheelhead and the bats drop in exactly. Perfectly centre every time. Lifting the bats out is easy by using the cut out notches so I can throw large pots and bowls without distortion when I take them off the wheel.

This is a great solution to an age old problem and I am very happy to recommend this device to any potter who uses bats.
The bats themselves are excellent quality and I have recently bought more.
Brilliant thank you.