A revolutionary wonder...

A few words about the inventor...

BAT Retainer creator and inventor

Why I created the BAT Retainer

As an amateur potter I was continually having issues with re-centering ‘green’ work and aware that one method was to de-facing an engineered wheel by drilling and pinning.

So, with my historical background as a creative thinker and inventor I started a process to solve this industry wide issue. My previous inventions include:

  • - Steering wheel lock for car security
  • - An inventive dual-purpose camping trailer boat
  • - Fleet masking for spraying vehicles

So, with a clear and fresh approach the BAT retainer was underway. In the early days many variations were tested and trialled by local potters with their feedback critical to tweaks and design changes.

The final result was a two piece, simple to use precise engineered solution, which contains the BAT, to the wheel. The Retainer is suitable for a wide range of wheel sizes, and the plywood BAT is ‘always centered’.

Thus, the BAT Retainer was created...

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