Pottery made simple

“Experience a revolutionary wonder”

Use the BATretainer to precisely re-centre your BAT everytime

About the BAT Retainer

The BATretainer is a quick, reliable, high quality and affordable solution to precisely re-centre your BAT everytime on your potters wheel.

Simply fit your Retainer over the wheel, lock your BAT into place and start creating. If you need to remove your BAT, for example to start another project, this can be done easily with the reassurance that you can then replace it to the exact same centred position.

Thus...centering made simple...

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Always Centered

“The BATretainer removes the guess work when centering the BAT on your potters wheel”

Peter (Inventor)

Why choose the BAT Retainer?

NO drilling

No drilling required, no damage, no extra work

NO pining

Makes sense, simply remove from the wheel with no effort.

NO wheel change

Store your work on our reusable long lasting BATS, repeatable and easy to move.

LESS waste

No need to lever your BAT from wet clay, reducing the risk of deforming your work.

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Great Support

Our technical experts are always on hand.

Awesome Design

We have a patent pending design


Our customers love the simplicty and ease of use.


Models to fit 25.5, 27.5, 30, 30.2 and 30.5cm wheels.

Global Distribution

We have sold to the 4 corners of the world.